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Arty's Translations

Hi! I'm an experienced freelance translator for English to German and vice versa. My native language is German and I am fluent in English.
I will take on projects of any size, commercial or non-commercial, finished or WIP.


Wyrd West Saga

Showdown (Short Story)

About 10k words worth of short story set in a fantasy Wild West world created by Diane Morrison. I did the German translation of the story.


A short video game that I wrote (about 16k words) in English and translated to German.

White Monday VN
Tomboys Need Love Too

Tomboys need love too (VN)

A commercial Visual Novel by Zetsubou. About 60k words that I did the German translation for.

If you need more examples, please contact me!

Terms of Service

  • 0.02 USD per word in the source text

  • Payment via Paypal invoice only

  • Payment upfront only

  • Full refund if I can't finish the work

  • No refunds under any other circumstance

  • I don't ask for royalties but you must credit me


Or message me on
Discord: arty#3461

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